Internet marketing, SEO and their advantages

The face of marketing and advertising a business has changed dramatically since the advancement in technology particularly the advent of the internet. The internet has served as the global ad board where companies all over the world can promote their product and service. This leads to the rise of web marketing, also known as digital or internet marketing, which is highly considered as one of the best marketing methods these days.

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If you would like to use internet marketing to promote your brand effectively, then you need to build a business website. A good website will be your tool and it will help you display the image your company wants to show to your customers and the message you want to convey. However for your website to be effective, you need an expert knowledge about SEO.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and it is a very popular internet marketing strategy. SEO is a set of techniques and strategies that can boost traffic generation to your website by increasing its search ranking in major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo! Please visit perthseocompany.net to learn more about this topic.

Unlike traditional marketing platforms such as TV and radio ads, print ads, or billboards, internet marketing through SEO is way cheaper because SEO companies do not charge as much. Moreover, internet marketing can target broader market; it can target potential customers from all over the world.

Getting Started with Automated Email Marketing

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So you have already started your own small business and now you are thinking of making your first sale. You heard money is in the list and you are now thinking of creating a list of prospective clients for future marketing purposes. Or perhaps you haven’t created your first contact but you intend to start a list.

The thought of having a lot of contacts by simply sending email sounds exciting and adventurous. However, when you discover that you can lose those hard earned contacts and worse, you could be criminally charged for spamming or sending unsolicited emails on the internet. As a business owner, you should know that there are laws that prohibit businesses sending unsolicited emails on the internet and we become liable when we do the wrong thing.

Small business owners need to know how to create an email campaign without putting you or your business at risk. You will a list of “legal things” on email marketing which means a list of authorised contacts while maximising your earning potential through lead generation.

When done properly, email marketing is one of the best ways to communicate effectively with your contacts. It is the process of sending emails, newsletters, updates or marketing information to your customers and prospects in a timely manner.

Today, marketers can already use email automation. But just like any automated feature, there are some things you need to take into consideration. Read this for more details: https://blog.kissmetrics.com/automated-email-marketing

What benefits does Snapchat offer brands?


Today, Snapchat has become a huge, popular social platform wherein you can grow your business with ease. However, you need to have a lot of followers who can help you grow your business. With only limited features being discovered by some users, it is essential to know these simple ways of attracting new followers on Snapchat.

To start with Snapchat, your address book is the great place. It is one of the easiest ways to add followers to Snapchat and to be discovered in returned. You can go on the Snapchat Home screen and tap on the Add Friends after tapping on the ghost icon. Snapchat crawls your address book to check whether the contacts are associated with any account. If there are, the contacts are added as fellow Snap chatters.

What is Snapchat? Snapchat is a novel mobile application that’s used to send out text and multimedia messages – called snaps. What makes this application different from the rest is that these snaps get auto-deleted after a pre-defined time (for a few seconds,) which has caused millions of people to embrace this application.

As far as marketing is concerned, this feature itself ponders to be ideal. Marketers can ask customers to share their stories, or interact with them while in their store, hotel or destination, to increase engagement and share-of-wallet with in-store promotions.

Continue reading at: https://www.kingcontent.com.au/benefits-snapchat

21 Ways to Make Your Blog or Website Sticky

Blogging is a great way to express your opinion, thoughts, insights, or anything you want to share online. For some, blogging can also a great way to earn money. Some popular blog owners are paid by marketers to advertise their brand.

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However, earning money in blogging is not easy. With so many blogs and websites available online these days, being visible and being able to learn money through blogging is extremely difficult. Do you want to know the best trick to make your blog become successful? The simple and most effective trick of doing this is by making your post “sticky.”

What is a sticky blog? A sticky blog or website is something that readers return to again and again. Furthermore, when they arrive at your page they want to stay. Every blogger should aim for a sticky blog.

To make your post sticky, the first thing that’s going to make a reader return is content, whether it is informational or demonstrative, creative or unique. Focus on your content. You can Google a specific topic, name, headline, and question. If your blog content has a focus or has that ‘something,’ it makes it easier for readers to find you and stay with you. It makes it easier for a reader to return to see what you have to say. That’s how you build a specific audience. That’s how your blog remains sticky.

Continue reading at: http://www.problogger.net/21-ways-to-make-your-blog-or-website-sticky

8 Twitter Tips to Improve Your Twitter Marketing

Modern technology has greatly changed the way we live our lives that we are now advanced and prosperous. Because of that, we feel that we are almost incapable of living without it.

Today, the world of marketing is being influenced by the different platforms available on the internet to effectively reach consumers around the world. There are a few online tools that were not originally designed for marketing but have latterly found a niche in that area. One of the best examples of which are the social networking sites like Twitter.

Twitter is a large community of connected and interrelated people that are already internet savvy. This is the perfect combination for promoting your business, your brand, or whatever goods and services that you have to offer. If you want to promote your business, but does not have the large budget to pay marketing firms, then Twitter marketing is the best for you.

Twitter marketing will not cost you high amount of money, but you still need a strong marketing plan that will assist you in tracking the traffic driven to your website, your followers, their tweets, and additional information that helps you to better plan your advertising campaign.

To learn more about Twitter marketing, you should check out this post from Social Media Examiner: http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/8-twitter-tips-to-improve-your-twitter-marketing

Twitter celebrates brands and advertisers on its 10th birthday

The advancements in technology and the rise of internet has made our lives a lot easier and more convenient that we find these days we are almost incapable of living without these advancements.


Today, the way companies market their product and service is already being influenced by the various platforms available on the internet. These online platforms have been a popular choice to effectively reach consumers from all corners of the globe.

Some of these online platforms were not originally designed for marketing but have recently found a niche in that industry. Surprisingly these tools have brought big opportunities to entrepreneurs; opportunities that nobody dreamed of having at their fingertips.

One of the popular and most effective tools for social media marketing that was not originally designed for this arena is Twitter.

Twitter is a large community of connected and interrelated people that are already internet savvy. This is the perfect combination for promoting your business, your brand, or whatever goods and services that you have to offer.

Over the years, more and more marketers from all over the world have used Twitter to connect to their audience in their timelines. And as the giant social networking site celebrates its 10th birthday, Marketing Land has listed some of the standout Tweets and campaigns from marketers a decade in.

Read the full article here: http://marketingland.com/twitter-celebrates-brands-advertisers-10th-birthday-169693

Video Marketing Tip

A brilliant video is the kind of video that will be able to convey the required information quickly, clearly and in an entertaining manner. As against to the more common print media, the use of video is easier because the video productions can be re-edited and updated easily to target a different audience.

All these advantages prove that use of video is now the best and cost effective media for any business communication. For more tips on video marketing, watch the video below:

Web Design Is SEO | Most Important SEO Factors To Consider When You’re Designing A Site

Website has become a necessity of a business; it is used to make your impression on the internet world. So, you need a solid and attractive web design for you website and that design must fulfil your business requirements o make a decent impression.

Web design is not just about designing aspect because it involves the technicality along with the functional aspects of the website. However, it can also play a big role to SEO. With right optimisation, web design and development, your website can reach on the top spot of search engine list and catch the attention of the web users.

If you want to learn more about SEO web design, you can check out an article published at Search Engine Journal. The article talks about the factors to consider when you’re designing your website.

Read the full article here: http://www.searchenginejournal.com/web-design-is-seo-most-important-seo-factors-to-consider-when-youre-designing-a-site/64959

The Top 4 Ways to Use Social Media to Earn Links – Whiteboard Friday

Some experts believe that social media is the link building wave of the future. Social media link building doesn’t stop at Facebook and Twitter. There are tons of social networking sites and tools to take advantage of for their potential SEO value. So, you will need to have some influence and a network of users for greatest results.

The primary difference between social media link building and traditional link building is the focus: in traditional link building, your focus is on anchor texts in your backlinks from specific websites. When you are using social networking, you are focusing on the person behind the website you want to get links from.

An excellent post from The Moz Blog talks about how you can use social media to earn links. It describes four ways you can use social networks to earn links.

Read the full blog post here: http://moz.com/blog/the-top-4-ways-to-use-social-media-to-earn-links-whiteboard-friday

Video Marketing Advantages

The changes on Google’s algorithms have been a headache to many online marketers; they have bought confusion to webmasters and website owners. However, this only Google’s way in knowing whether or not you have the authority in your niche by providing unique and high value content.

Today, video marketing has been a great strategy in building authority in your niche. Videos have been great tools in delivering information and message to your readers and customers. According to studies, audiences remember 85% more content when it is given to them through videos than through written articles.

Video marketing is indeed a better marketing option especially in today’s level of competition. To learn more about this form of marketing, watch the video below:

Advantages of Content Marketing

When the internet was first used by the world, content marketing was mainly done by large businesses with high budget. However, as the time has progressed, this marketing strategy has become more and more affordable.

Content marketing involves providing constant information to your customers or audience through your blog posts, press releases, newsletters, e-books and social media.

As more and more people discovers the advantages of content marketing, the number of businesses that make use of this strategy continuous to grow.

You can check out the video below to find out more information regarding content marketing: